TikTok: The US judiciary is still blocking calls to ban the social network

The American government is trying to ban TikTok, but the judiciary decides differently. A US judge prevented the Trump administration from implementing part of an executive order by President Donald Trump that would have prevented the social network from functioning from November 12.

Three content creators on TikTok had taken legal action to request the suspension of part of this decree. There are plans to ban US companies from providing basic services to TikTok. In particular, it is about online hosting.

“We are pleased that the judge has ended this ban, which exceeds the authority of the president under the Law on Economic Powers of International Emergency,” the lawyer for the three creators TikTok told The Verge.

After a separate complaint, a Washington court judge prevented the Trump administration from forcing the App Store and Play Store to remove TikTok in late September. This should be the first step in applying the presidential decree from early August. This, signed by Donald Trump, indicates the risk of user data transfers to China. He also calls TikTok a threat to national security.

In both cases, the judges considered the likelihood of proving in court that President Donald Trump had exceeded his authority as good. They also believed that TikTok enjoyed the same protection as media for expression or information such as films, photos or news agencies.