TousAntiCovid: Cédric O aims for 15 million downloads

TousAntiCovid has 7 million downloads and the government is now aiming to hit at least 15 million. The State Secretary for Digital Cédric O aims to achieve this goal within a month.

We are at “4.5 million additional activations in 10 days,” says Cédric O at AFP. “The most interesting thing for us is that more than 500 people are informed about contact cases through the application every day. And even more than 800 on Sunday alone. A reduction is possible in connection with containment, but these figures show the interest in a much wider dissemination of the application, ”the Minister for TousAntiCovid wants to believe.

By Monday evening, around 30,000 people had tested positive for Covid-19 in TousAntiCovid. In total, more than 4,200 people have been notified of possible exposure to the virus. The ratio between reported cases and reported people is low, but “is improving significantly,” says Cédric O. This is the sign of a greater number of users.

The goal of 15 million users leaving the containment is ambitious, but feasible according to the Foreign Minister. He estimates that TousAntiCovid will be really useful when 15 million French people start using it. It provokes usage “especially in public places where you stay for a long time, like cinemas, restaurants or public transport”. To promote its use, “companies promote the application and also journalists,” says Cédric O. “It was what we were looking for when the application was relaunched,” he said. he adds.

TousAntiCovid can now generate a travel certificate

An update for TousAntiCovid was released today. You can create a travel certificate from the application instead of doing it through the government site. It is also possible to save your data (last name, first name, etc.) in order to generate certificates during operation. All you have to do is choose your reason and the certificate will be generated with your data. It is now available for iOS and Android. The government ensures that your data stays on your phone and is not sent to servers.