TousAntiCovid reaches 4 million downloads thanks to StopCovid

Has the TousAntiCovid application that follows StopCovid really hit 4 million downloads? Yes … but that includes 2.5 million downloads from StopCovid.

The government launched TousAntiCovid a few days ago. The goal is a more complete application than StopCovid. In fact, it was a failure. The one who followed him had a better start. It must now be checked whether this “success” (all in all) continues over time.

StopCovid recorded nearly 2.5 million downloads between early June and mid-October. TousAntiCovid had 1.5 million downloads in less than a week. It’s a good start as we can see.

Now comes the big question: How many people are actually using the app? It is entirely possible that some French have already performed an uninstall. And as we can imagine, TousAntiCovid doesn’t mention it in its specific area. For your information: StopCovid has experienced over a million deinstallations. These data come from Foreign Minister Cédric O. They come from the beginning of the month.

As a reminder, TousAntiCovid (like StopCovid) relies on a homemade solution to make it work. France, like Hungary, has refused to use Apple and Google’s API. This prevents TousAntiCovid from being linked to other European applications. And according to the latest news, France has no plans to switch to Apple and Google’s API in the near future.