TV: LG and Samsung will work for the Mini LED in 2021

Delivery was long and difficult, but this time the industry giants would have got to work. If we are to believe that the information from The Elec, LG and Samsung is preparing to launch mini LED TVs in 2021. Thinner, theoretically denser in pixels ((LEDs 100 to 200 μm), very bright and high-contrast mini-LED screens are the logical further development of display technologies.

Samsung is therefore planning to introduce several TV models equipped with a mini LED + QLED hybrid panel (Quantum Dots). The mini-LED panels from Samsung (in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches) are partly manufactured by the companies Seoul Viosys and PlayNitride (2 million units are expected in 2021 from a global production of 4.4 million mini-LED panels ). Local competitor LG would also be there, this time with 70-inch televisions from the Nanocell range. LG’s other models (other than the 70-inch model) will continue to use OLED technology in 2021.

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