Unusual: He makes a really functional … and dangerous lightsaber (trailer)

Hacksmith Industries’ frapading engineers have crossed the DIY (Do it Yourself) boundaries several times. A YouTube video of these “geotrouvetic” has just revealed a perfectly functioning plasma lightsaber. The latter can actually generate a plasma flame heated to 4000 degrees! At these heat levels, the lightsaber even manages to cut through solid material as if it were a piece of butter! Earlier 2000 or 3000 degree lightsabers still struggled to accomplish this type of task.

The storage of the gas (propane) required to generate a plasma jet is completely contained in a tank that is connected to a steampunk backpack. The propane-oxygen mixture creates a plasma jet, while the dosage of this mixture makes it possible to control the length of the jet. It is even possible to add certain chemical components (like sodium chloride) to the base of the beam to change the color of the beam! Obviously, this lightsaber is extremely dangerous to use. Reality does not combine without regard to fiction …

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