Virgin’s Hyperloop passes the first passenger test

Within a few years, Hyperloop transport technology will make it possible to travel the earth at a speed of almost 1000 km / h. Several prototypes are in development around the world, but Virgin’s Hyperloop is just getting a little closer to the commercialization phase. This Sunday, November 8th, near Las Vegas, a Hyperloop XP-2 capsule accelerated with two passengers on board over a distance of 500 meters! This first test model, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and Kilo Design, does not have the dimensions of the future commercial capsule, which will accommodate up to 28 passengers. The XP-2 is essentially used to assess the reliability of the systems put in place for the safety of passengers.

In particular, the SNSF is a partner of Virgin’s Hyperloop technology. Carole Desnost, Director of Innovation and Research at SNCF, was pleased with the progress of the project: “With this very first test of a Hyperloop pod with passengers on board, Virgin Hyperloop really achieved something today. a major breakthrough and have proven that this new mode of transport could become a reality in the near future. “However, this“ near future ”remains the question of a good decade: the first commercial Hyperloop capsules could connect large American and European cities by 2030.

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