What’s new in OpenStack Victoria

A few weeks ago Victoria, the 22nd version of the leading open source cloud infrastructure software, was released. It integrates advanced network and native Kubernetes functions.

For this new version of Victoria, OpenStack has received over 20,000 code changes from over 790 developers in 160 different companies and over 45 countries.

OpenStack is supported by a large global community dedicated to open source. It is also one of the top three open source projects in the world in terms of active contributions with the Linux kernel and Chromium.

What’s new in OpenStack Victoria

This version comes ten years after the first version of OpenStack with several important new features:

Additional native integration with Kubernetes

Kuryr now supports Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs).

Tacker, an OpenStack NFV orchestration service, has support for additional Kubernetes objects and LCM NFV APIs

Ironic, a bare metal delivery environment, has a 66% contribution increase compared to the OpenStack Ussuri cycle

All new features are available in the OpenStack documentation (in English).