WhatsApp adds a storage tool to free up storage space

Is your iPhone or Android smartphone getting full? It may be because of all the photos and videos received with WhatsApp. Messaging today announced a storage management tool that you can use to free up storage space.

If you go to WhatsApp Settings, you now have access to a tool that lists content by category. In particular, there are files that weigh more than 5MB. You can delete them all in a few simple steps to free up space on your smartphone. This can represent several GB of data depending on your use of WhatsApp. It is also possible to see and sort the occupied space of attachments in each conversation.

This new storage management tool is made available on iOS and Android. Some users have to wait a few days to benefit from it. There’s no way to force the update (at least for now). Here is a video from WhatsApp that explains how it works.

We made it easy to review items, bulk delete, and free up space. This new storage management tool can be found in Settings> Storage & Data> Manage Storage.

– WhatsApp Inc. (@WhatsApp) November 3, 2020

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