Windows: Microsoft doubles its efforts during Covid-19

A lot of people are using a computer this year. It has to be said that the Covid-19 had a huge impact and sometimes forced teleworking. This requires you to walk through a computer most of the time. Because of this, Microsoft is going to redouble its efforts with its Windows operating system.

It was Satya Nadella who said it during the phone call that followed the group’s financial results. The Microsoft manager explains that the number of active devices under Windows 10 has increased by double digits compared to the previous year. This is due to the many companies and people who had to buy a computer for teleworking.

According to Satya Nadella, the past nine months have shown the importance of PCs and Windows. They are “essential” as teleworking “depends on the presence of PCs and applications on the PC”. That is why we “double our efforts”.

One interesting point is mobility. Satya Nadella says it’s good to always have a Windows device with you, even with a mobile device. Does it refer to surface tablets? Or to the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone? Since the tablets run on Windows, the smartphone runs on Android. There is certainly an overlay from Microsoft, but it remains Android. In addition, Microsoft has drawn the line for its mobile operating system. IOS and Android stay today.