Wonder Woman 1984: on HBO Max and in theaters for Christmas

The 1984 Wonder Woman film will be available twice on the same day: in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming platform. The release date of the film is still the same: December 30, 2020 in France. In the US, the release date is December 25th.

HBO Max is currently only available in one country: the United States. France and the other countries will only have Wonder Woman in 1984 in theaters. The theaters must still be able to reopen in view of the situation with the Covid-19. Warner Bros. France has not yet commented on the topic.

Wonder Woman 1984 streaming in France?

Can we hope for a 1984 streaming release of Wonder Woman in France even without HBO Max? It’s technically feasible. A French distributor would have to sign with HBO Max. But we still have to make a choice. Indeed, the chronology of the media requires a period of three years between the release of a movie in theaters and the availability of an SVOD service (Netflix, etc.). It will either be in theaters or streaming, but not both. Americans now have a choice. In addition, the film will be included in the HBO Max subscription. There is no additional cost as was the case with Mulan at Disney +.

This decision to offer Wonder Woman 1984 streaming on the same day as the theatrical release is definitely very risky. As we explained earlier, the income from the movie will be lower than from an exclusively theatrical release. Piracy also comes into play. We already know that the film will be available for illegal download on December 25th.

Then it’s a big bet. But Warner Bros chose it. The 1984 Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins posted a tweet about it. It invites viewers to choose to watch the cinema or streaming with HBO Max. Gal Gadot, who plays the lead, did the same.

– Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) November 18, 2020

– Gal Gadot (@GalGadot) November 19, 2020