Wonder Woman 1984 streaming from January? Warner Bros thinks about it

Wonder Woman 1984 could be available in streaming from January 2021. The idea is being examined by Warner Bros., the studio that distributes the film with Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman.

According to Bloomberg and Variety, Warner Bros is hesitating between two scenarios. The first is to release Wonder Woman 1984 as planned in theaters at the end of December 2020 and then to offer the film as streaming from January 2021. The streaming platform would be HBO Max in the US. That’s pretty logical in and of itself since HBO Max is owned by AT&T, which owns WarnerMedia (parent company of Warner Bros). This rapid arrival in streaming would allow the service to attract many subscribers at the same time. So far there are 8.6 million.

The second scenario under consideration is quite simple: Postpone the movie to 2021. You should know that Wonder Woman had already seen more postponements in 1984. The latest news is that the film will be released on Christmas in the US and December 30th in France.

An immediate streaming release of the film in France is possible … if Wonder Woman doesn’t hit theaters in 1984. When it sees the light of day in theaters, it will take three years to become available on a streaming platform. It is because of the famous chronology of the media in France.

The 1984 Wonder Woman streaming release is risky

In any case, it is certain that such a fast streaming release would be very bad for cinemas. With the Covid-19 and the postponed film releases, they already suffered a lot in 2020. Plus, Warner Bros. would make a lot less money with such a cast. The 2017 Wonder Woman film grossed $ 821.85 million at the box office. For Warner Bros., given the price of the service ($ 14.99 / month), it’s impossible to generate such a sum with HBO Max. Finally, piracy comes into play. It will be “easy” to watch the film without paying. A major flaw for Warner Bros.

The studio is just thinking. He has to make a quick decision as the release of the film is not very far yet.