Xbox: Microsoft wants to buy Japanese game studios

After Bethesda (and other groups), Microsoft is now interested in acquiring Japanese studios. According to Bloomberg, the group reached out to several studios in the Asian country with the idea of ​​acquiring them. This could be beneficial for Xbox gamers.

One of the studios mentioned would be Koei Tecmo. Its president, Hisashi Koinuma, is to publish more games on Xbox, provided Microsoft shows interest in Japan. However, it is not specified whether he would accept a takeover by Microsoft.

Jeremy Hinton, Xbox operations manager in Asia, made no comment on this particular case. However, Microsoft is still open to discussions with studios. He advises that this may lead to acquisitions, but states that there will be no announcement today.

Japan’s interest in Microsoft is twofold. First and foremost, it’s the bottom of its competitor Sony. Sony is a Japanese company indeed. Then Microsoft has a hard time in Japan. Local Xbox sales are very low, especially when compared to Nintendo’s PlayStation and Switch. Microsoft could therefore attract the Japanese with games that are only available on Xbox.