Xbox Series S storage: only 364 GB is available

Not only is the Xbox Series S less powerful than the Xbox Series X, but it also has less storage space. Microsoft has integrated a 512 GB SSD. However, the actual storage capacity of the console is only 364 GB.

The information comes from a user on Reddit who has already received their Xbox Series S. He even shared a photo to show he has Microsoft’s new baby. The console will officially go on sale on November 10th, but a few lucky ones have already made it.

Various users have asked him questions, including one about memory. There he announced that he only had 364 GB available to install games and applications. It’s really easy, especially nowadays when you look at the size of the games.

The announcement of a 500GB SSD in the Xbox Series S worried gamers from the start. However, Microsoft tried to reassure them by saying that the games on Xbox Series S are less difficult than those on Xbox Series X. This is due to the quality. The Xbox Series X supports games in 4K, while the Xbox Series S is limited to a maximum of 1440p.

To help gamers with many games, Microsoft offers memory expansion. It will be in the form of a 1TB expansion card. The price in France is € 269.99! It can also be used on the Xbox Series X.