Xbox Series X: Bethesda Details “Exclusive”, But First Party Game Price Unclear

The question of Bethesda “exclusive” has not yet been clarified at Microsoft. The studio has such popular licenses that Microsoft is visibly wondering whether future titles should be limited to the Xbox platform only. If we are to believe Tim Stuart, Xbox CFO, the balance would tend to focus on temporary exclusivity and day one availability in Game Pass: “In the long term, we have no intention of simply withdrawing all of the Bethesda content from Sony or Nintendo platforms. However, we would like the content to be preview or better on our platforms in the long run. We want Bethesda content to be better displayed on our platforms. “”

The Xbox COO explains that the first goal is still to increase the subscriber base for the Game Pass, which would increase its appeal anyway, even if the next Elder Scrolls are on PS5. However, this return to the question of exclusivity seems to be defining the fate of games from Microsoft’s other 22 studios. The next titles from Zenimax, 343 Industries, Rare, and the others don’t seem to really bother with the temporary exclusives. Halo Infinite, Everwild, Hellblade II and Flight Simulator (among others) will undoubtedly remain purely Xbox / PC exclusives.

When asked about the price of the games, the good Stuart, on the other hand, was much more evasive and limited himself to reminding himself that the prices had “not risen in several generations”. An answer that doesn’t really inspire confidence …