xCloud: An HDMI button for playing on your TV is being teased

xCloud is currently available on Android smartphones and tablets. Microsoft’s service broadcasts over 100 Xbox games. In the future, xCloud could be accessible with an HDMI dongle on the TV.

It was Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s video game industry, who suggested this. In an interview with Stratechery, he explains Microsoft’s desire to offer access to xCloud on multiple media. “I think you will see cheaper hardware become part of our ecosystem,” says the manager. It connects to the existing HDMI buttons that enable a multimedia experience. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is an example. “Someone might just want to take it [une clé HDMI] play on his TV and through xCloud, ”added Phil Spencer.

He continues on the topic and says that it is possible to imagine such a product. There might be access to “something we just put on Game Pass”. This product could “provide the ability to stream games from xCloud to your TV and purchase the controller”. Exactly, xCloud has been included in Game Pass for a few weeks.

To use xCloud you need the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer, which costs € 12.99 / month. Offering an HDMI key would be one way of attracting even more players to the service. This could of course have an impact on Xbox sales. But Microsoft obviously prefers the subscription format as it’s regular income.