XIII Remake: The developer apologizes for the poor quality of his game

The remake of Game XIII has been available for a few days and players are not happy. The title is poor compared to the original game released in 2003. There are many flaws and the experience is not there at all. Microids and PlayMagic, who are responsible for the remake, responded.

Sorry for the XIII remake and fixes

The two groups apologize for the quality of the remake of XIII. “The enthusiasm of the community quickly triggered a lot of criticism and some disappointments. We have received all of your comments and remarks on the matter, ”a statement said.

First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for the technical issues currently affecting the game. Currently, the quality of the game does not meet the expectations of the players as well as our standards. are aware. The coronavirus situation has undeniably affected the production of the game on several levels. Our teams’ teleworking resulted in unpredictable delays in both game development and the overall quality assurance process. The Q / A (quality assurance) department was particularly affected, as the test phases were repeatedly delayed. These development constraints thus affected the quality of the game when it was released. We thought we could offer a Day One patch (update) at launch or even before the game’s release date to address any issues you encountered and known to us, but the production of this patch is taking longer than expected.

Updates for XIII will follow shortly

The PlayMagic teams are working hard to resolve any issues identified. Therefore, the game will benefit from regular monitoring through multiple updates scheduled over the next few days and weeks to ensure the optimal experience that we have always strived for. A first patch will be released soon to address the most pressing and annoying issues, especially the correction of many bugs that affected the gaming experience (controls, performance, collisions, display and sound errors). To stay informed about upcoming additions and corrections, visit this address:

Players are also entitled to a roadmap for future additions to free content for the XIII remake. This included new weapons, skins, levels and modes for local multiplayer.

On Steam, only 9% of player ratings are positive for the XIII remake.