YouTube announces the arrival of audio ads

YouTube users are experiencing a new ad format: audio ads. They already exist on other platforms like Spotify. You will land on Google’s video service.

According to YouTube, audio ads are a way to target users who are listening to music. The format is aimed at people who may not be watching music videos or concerts but are listening to them in the background. In fact, audio ads are more interesting than visual ads.

Audio ads on YouTube only show an image. It can be an animation or a static image. However, this display will be there mainly to avoid just showing a black screen.

Google added audio ads to its ad manager a few months ago. In this way, advertisers can better tailor and analyze the consumption of content. According to Google, 75% of audio ads “resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness”.

To this day, many people go to YouTube to listen to music. YouTube states that more than 50% of its users listen to at least 10 minutes of music on its platform every day. Audio ads therefore have great potential.

Audio ads on YouTube are currently in beta. Advertisers can find information on how to get started on this page.