Youtube-dl is available again on GitHub

GitHub announces that it has re-enabled youtube-dl after being removed a few weeks ago. In particular, this tool allows you to download videos from YouTube. The withdrawal was declared at the request of the RIAA. This is the interprofessional association that defends the interests of the recording industry in the United States.

youtube-dl in action to download videos from youtube

On his blog, GitHub explains that he has to obey the law. For this reason, youtube-dl has been removed from GitHub. The RIAA made a DMCA request and the platform containing the source codes for services and applications had to be executed. But today there is new information, hence the return of youtube-dl.

The RIAA accused youtube-dl of bypassing protection for downloading videos from YouTube. This includes downloading music that is available on the video platform. And as expected, that bothers the RIAA. However, GitHub says it has received new information that the RIAA does not endorse. The supervisor of youtube-dl has also made some changes. All of this made it possible for youtube-dl to come back to GitHub.

If you’re using youtube-dl, you can find the latest version on GitHub. In addition to YouTube, the tool allows you to download videos from various platforms. This is particularly useful for certain professions (e.g. journalists). However, individuals can also use it.