YouTube is dropping YouTube Rewind for 2020

There will be no YouTube feedback in 2020. YouTube announced this today with a tweet. As we can imagine, the cause of the cancellation is the Covid-19.

YouTube claims to have published a YouTube response at the end of each year since 2010. In this way, several popular YouTubers and others discovered during the year have been merged into a single video. There were also all the trends of the last few months.

“But 2020 was different,” says YouTube. “It’s not fair to go on as if it weren’t the case. We’re taking a break for rewinding this year,” continues YouTube. The platform concludes on the matter with the following information:

We know you all created much of the good that happened in 2020. You have found ways to energize people, help them deal with it and make them laugh. You really made a tough year better.

You should know that YouTube rewind was very popular in the beginning. However, there has been a lot of criticism in recent years. The quality of the videos was lower and many aspiring YouTubers didn’t show up. Incidentally, the YouTube response is the most hated video in 2018 with 18 million dislikes. It has received 208 million views so far.

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