YouTube: the great blackout

YouTube is one of Google’s most stable services, but errors have increased in recent years and power outages are even rarer. Early this morning on Thursday, November 12th, YouTube fell apart for tens of minutes. The service could start fine, but the videos were no longer accessible, and on a global scale. YouTube’s technical team was quickly notified of the situation and confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

Less than two hours later, everything returned to normal and TeamYoutube again apologized for this interruption in service, which ended up being quite short (less than two hours). A blockade of this magnitude had occurred only once this year.

If you are having trouble watching videos on YouTube, you are not alone – our team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. We will post all updates here.

– TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) November 12, 2020