Zack Snyder has ideas for a possible Justice League 2

The Justice League will be back with a new version of the film on HBO Max in 2021. It is divided into four episodes lasting about an hour. And for Zack Snyder, a Justice League 2 could possibly exist.

The director says he has ideas for a potential Justice League 2. “What am I telling the world about, you know what happens when Darkseid comes to earth? Zack Snyder asked during the League of Mayhem. “Do I know what’s wrong with Darkseid?” Yes. I know what’s going on. To say and speculate on what it is would be exciting. I think that’s a good thing. “For your information, Darkseid should have been the big evil in the 2017 Justice League movie.

The Justice League was initially headed by Zack Snyder before getting out along the way. Her daughter committed suicide while the film was being made. The director therefore decided to give up the project in order to be with his family. Joss Whedon replaced him.

In 2021 we will have the Justice League Snyder Cut. It will be a revised version of the 2017 film with some re-recordings. There will even be some surprising characters, like Jared Leto’s Joker. In addition, Zack Snyder does not intend to use a recording of Joss Whedon in the film released in theaters. He wants to offer his version and not a mixture of both.

With regard to a possible Justice League 2, Zack Snyder remains discreet for the time being. He doesn’t say if this sequel is in the works. We envision that it will all depend on the success (or not) of the Snyder Cut in 2021.